M. Sc. and Ph.D. Courses

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M.Sc. Classes

Compulsory courses

YSB526E Physical Hydrology

YSB541E Fundamentals of Ecology

YSB569E Earth System

YSB571E Physics and Chemistry of Climate System

YSB575E Data Analysis for Climate Scientists

YSB801E Software Tools for Earth & Environmental Science 


Elective courses

YSB531E Introduction to Physical and Chemical Oceanography

YSB572E Climate Change: Science, Impacts and Mitigation

YSB574E Earth Information Systems

YSB579E Special Topics in Earth System Science 

YSB581E Evolution 

YSB583E Mathematical Concepts for Earth System Science

YSB596 Bilimsel Araştırma, Etik ve Seminer


Ph.D. Program

Elective courses

YSB601E Advanced Topics in Earth System Science

YSB602E Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics

YSB603E Atmospheric Chemistry for Climate Scientists

YSB604E Human Behavioral Ecology

YSB605E Biogeochemistry

YSB606E Ecosystem Ecology

YSB607E Land Atmosphere Interactions

YSB608E Ecoinformatics

YSB609E History of Evolution Theories

YSB615E Clastic Depositional Environments

YSB617E Paleoclimatology

YSB619E Earth Observation Systems

YSB621E Cultural Ecology

YSB623E Human Evolution

YSB629E Environmental Anthropology

YSB633E Community Ecology

YSB637E Biogeography

YSB660E Unmanned Aerial Systems in Earth Sciences

YSB691E Geophysical Fluid Dynamics I - Rotating Fluids

YSB693E Geophysical Fluid Dynamics II - Stratified Fluids 

YSB695E Polar Oceanography

YSB696 Bilimsel Araştırma, Etik ve Seminer