M. Sc. and Ph.D. Courses

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M.Sc. Courses

Compulsory courses

YSB801E Software Tools for Earth & Environmental Science 

Elective courses

YSB583E Mathematical Concepts for Earth System Science

ANT506E Agency and Coupled Systems

ANT507E Humans in Their Environments

ANT508E Complex Societies

ANT509E Modeling in Social&Ecol.Sys.

ANT510E Economic Anthropology

ANT511E Settlement Patterns

ANT512E How Did We Become Human

ANT513E Small-Scale Societies

ANT514E Rel.bet.Human-Env.&Arc.in Ant.

ANT515E Special Topics in Geoanthropo.

ANT516E Landscape Archaeology

ANT518E Methods of Paleoenviro.Recon.

ANT520E Urban History