M.Sc. and PhD Courses

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M.Sc. Courses

Compulsory courses

JDM501E Geodynamics

JDM502E Earth Surface Processes

JDM507E Dating Methods in Earth Sciences  

JDM551E Active Tectonics

Elective courses

JDM503E Earth System Modelling

JDM504E Earth Data Analysis     

JDM505E Quaternary Geology

JDM506E Advanced Field Geology

JDM509E Solid Earth Modelling

JDM517E Metamorphic Minerals and Textures

JDM553E Magmatic Processes                                                          

JDM558E The Sea Floor

JDM559E Paleoseismology               

JDM560E Topics in Stratigraphic Paleontology

JDM564E Thermodynamic Background of Petrology 

JDM566E Earthquake Geology 

JDM596   Bilimsel Araştırma, Etik ve Seminer


Ph.D. Program

Elective courses

JDM601E Satellite Geodesy and Active Tectonics

JDM602E Selected Topics in Quaternary Science

JDM603E Planetary Science 

JDM604E Selected Topics in Geomorphology

JDM605E Clastic Depositional Environments 

JDM606E Sediment Geochemistry

JDM607E Geodynamics of the Lithosphere

JDM608E Selected Topics in Metamorphism 

JDM609E Geoarchaeology: Environments, Methods, and Landscape Studies

JDM610E Marine Isotope Geochemistry

JDM611E Quaternary Geochronology

JDM613E Selected Topics in Geodynamics

JDM615E Morphotectonic Analysis

JDM617E Tectonic Geomorphology

JDM619E Selected Topics in Regional Geology

JDM621E Kinematic Analysis of Deformation 

JDM623E Geodynamics of Oceans and Continental Margins 

JDM625E Topics in Micropaleontology 

JDM626E Geohazards

JDM628E Glacial Geology

JDM630E Cosmogenic Isotopes

JDM696 Bilimsel Araştırma, Etik ve Seminer