Mineral Preparation and Separation Laboratory

ITU Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences, ITU Faculty of Geology. Department of ITU Tectonic Working Group shared Mineral Preparation and Separation Laboratory by members of minerals from rock to determine geochronolgy (zircon, monocytes, muscovite, biotite, hornblende, apatite and so on.) Sorting and to grind the rock for the whole rock geochemistry analysis intensively is used. The laboratory is located in the basement of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Engines Laboratory building.

Some equipment in the laboratory
Presses (hydraulic presses)
Crushers - Jaw crusher
Crushers - Cylindrical (roll) breaker
Sieve analysis (shaker)
Gluing machines (Bag Making Machine)
Shaking table (power supply unit)
Magnetic separators
Heated magnetic stirrers
Heated magnetic stirrers
The pure (distilled) water device
Ultrasonic bath
Vacuum pump
Heater Plate
Fume Hood
Disc (Agata) grinder
Core / rock breaker (rock zone taking saw)
Thin section machine
Precision Scales
Air conditioning and dehumidifier
Rock cutting and trimming machine
Thin-section precision grinding and cutting