Prof. Dr. h. c. (mult.) A. M. Celâl Şengör

e.mail: sengor [at] itu.edu.tr
phone: +90 212 285 61 08
researchgate link: researchgate.net/profile/Ali_Mehmet_Celal_Sengor

Research interests:

Present Research

Geometry and kinematics of foreland deformation in collision-type orogenic belts, Tectonic evolution of the Tethyan domain during the late Palaeozoic to the present interval, Tectonics of Turkey, Tectonics of extensional areas with special emphasis on the Aegean region, History of tectonics and philosophy of science with emphasis on tectonics, Eustatic sea-level controls and orogeny, Evolution of orogenic belts, Tectonic evolution of the Altaids in Central Asia and the growth of continental crust through subduction-accretion, Climate/orogeny/biosphere relationships, Evolution of shear belts, Tectonics of Mars, Tectonics of Mercury (together with the MESSENGER team).

Past Research

Geomorphology of Turkish karst terrains, with special emphasis on karst/tectonics relationships and speleology, Tectonics of Mars, Geology of the volcanic province of Kula, Evolution of the Upper Rhine Graben, Evolution of the Caribbean plate and its frame, Tectonic evolution of the Alps, with special emphasis on the Austroalpine domain.


1981-, Professor of Geology, Istanbul Technical University
1982, PhD. Geology, The State University of New York at Albany, USA
1979, MSc., Geology, The State University of New York at Albany, USA
1978, BSc., Geology, The State University of New York at Albany, USA
1973, Robert Academy

Most important 5 publications:

Şengör, A.M.C., Natal’in, B.A., Burtman, V.S., 1993. Evolution of the Altaid tectonic collage and Palaeozoic crustal growth in Eurasia: Nature, v. 364, pp. 299-307 (Title-story with News & Views article by William R. Dickinson). http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v364/n6435/abs/364299a0.html

Şengör, A.M.C., Görür, N, Şaroğlu, F., 1985. Strike-slip faulting and related basin formation in zones of tectonic escape: Turkey as a case study: in Biddle, K.T. and Christie-Blick, N., edts, Strike-slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation, Soc. Econ. Paleont. Min. Spec. Pub. 37 (in honor of J.C. Crowell), p. 227-264. http://sp.sepmonline.org/content/sepspecpub/sepspstr/1/SEC13.abstract.html

Xu, S T., Su, W., Liu Y. C., Jiang, L. I.,  Ji Shouyuan, Okay, A. İ., Şengör, A.M.C., 1992. Diamond from the Dabie Shan Metamorphic Rocks and its implication for tectonic setting: Science, v. 256, pp. 80-82

Dewey, J.F., Hempton, M.R., Kidd, W.S.F., Şaroğlu, F., Şengör, A.M.C., 1986.  Shortening of continental lithosphere: the neotectonics of Eastern Anatolia - a young collision zone: in Coward, M.P. and Ries, A.C., edts., Collision Tectonics, Geol. Soc. London Spec. Pub. 19 (R.M. Shackleton volume), p. 3-36. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/256/5053/80.short

Okay, A.İ., Xu Shutong, Şengör, A.M.C., 1989. Coesite from the Dabie Shan eclogites, central China: Eur. J. Mineralogy, v. 1, . 595-598. 

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