Araştırma Görevlileri


Res. Asst. Fulya Cingiroglu

e.mail: cingiroglu [at] itu.edu.tr
researchgate link:

Research Interests:

In my master's degree, I conducted source determination studies using statistical models such as PMF in the water quality. I plan to do my doctoral studies on air pollution and modeling..


2020- , Research Assistant, Istanbul Technical University, Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
2019- , PhD., Istanbul Technical University, Eurasia Institute of Earth Sciences
2016-2018, M.Sc., Istanbul Technical University, Environmental Sciences and Engineering Program
2011-2016, BSc., Istanbul Technical University, Environmental Engineering


Çingiroglu, F., Emadian, S., Kaynak, B., Tezel, U. (2018). “Spatial Distribution of Pesticide Pollution in Ergene River”. International Agriculture, Environment, and Health Congress, Aydın-TURKEY, 26-28 October 2018. (conference paper)

Emadian, S., Sefiloğlu, F.Ö., Eken, O., Çingiroğlu, F., Kaynak, B., Balcıoğlu, I., Tezel, U. (2018). “Occurrence and distribution of contaminants of emerging concern along the Ergene River during dry seasons”. Water JPI 2018 - International Conference on Emerging Pollutants in Freshwater Ecosystems, Helsinki-FINLAND, 6-7 June 2018. (conference paper)